Internet privacy – today`s dream or tomorrow’s nightmare

Internet privacy – today`s dream or tomorrow’s nightmare

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Internet privacy – today`s dream or tomorrow’s nightmare When you use the Internet, are you aware that your Internet service provider (ISP) is logging all of your browsing sessions? What’s more, are you aware that these companies are required to do so by the government in many nations? These logs are kept for up to 6 months, creating a massive issue for those that want to protect their online privacy. ACTA and PIPA, two bills that are working their way through the US Government toward becoming law, will have a significant impact on the privacy that US citizens know today. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and the Protect IP Act are both designed to create intrusions for the American people and give the government access to all information that is searched or processed during online activities. Your privacy is paramount, which increases the importance for proactive measures to protect it. VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, can help Internet users avoid the logging processes that are currently being conducted, and help to circumvent any roadblocks that arise from ACTA or PIPA. By providing the user with a remote access point, any national blockages can be circumvented. And, because all online activity is encrypted with banking industry technology, any logs that are kept are useless to those reviewing the information. Because of government initiatives and the constant threat of cyber-crimes, the need for online privacy is exponentially rising. VPNs offer one of the only true solutions to the growing epidemic of privacy suppression and the theft of personal information. The network is accessible from anywhere, allowing the user to enjoy the encrypted connection any time they choose. Internet privacy is a hot topic of conversation in the digital world, and with new legislation entering the discussion in the United States, it is important that Internet users understand how they can protect themselves should an invasion of privacy begin. VPNs are essential for those that use the Internet on a daily basis, and because of automation in the banking industry, protecting your personal password information or identity details is paramount. With a Virtual Private Network, your online activity cannot be logged or stored. This protects you in the event of government tampering. With similar legislation being brought to the table in the UK, expect more changes in the near future for online security. Are you protected right now? With a VPN service, you can be ready for anything.Internet privacy – today`s dream or tomorrow’s nightmare unratedadmin2012-10-17 10:02:09When you use the Internet, are you aware that your Internet service provider (ISP) is logging all of your browsing sessions? What’s more, are you a… No User ReviewsBe the first one to write a review about this VPN Provider!Leave your Review about this VPN Provider Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *Your Name *Your Email (will not be published) * Characters in the image above * Your ReviewReview posting guidelines:1. Only customer of the provider is qualified to rate with stars.2. Please do not review if you are affiliated with this VPN Provider.3. Please don`t use injurious or abusive language.4. Please don`t mention other providers in your review.6. Be objective! Your review can help others make the right choice! 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