Information on VPN products and costs of networking

Information on VPN products and costs of networking

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VPN Products

VPN Firewalls

3Com; PathBuilder S500 Tunnel Switch Family (Switch with routing, VPN, firewall for User-to-site)$30,295

Axent Technologies; Raptor Firewall/VPN Server (VPN with firewall for User-to-site ) $5,000 for software

Check Point Software; VPN-1 Gateway Solution with VPN-1 Accelerator Card ( Firewall with VPN for User-to-site) $14,980 (with VPN-1 Accelerator cards) $6,990 (without VPN-1 Accelerator cards)

Check Point VPN-1 Edge XU Firewall$1,356 – $1,999

Cisco vpn client softare : $39.92

Trend Micro client/server suite : $22.36

Data Fellows; F-Secure VPN+ 4.0 (Software-based VPN, firewall, router for User-to-site) $4,990

Internet Dynamics ; Conclave 1.52 (Integrated firewall with VPN, remote access, virus scanning for User-to-site) $4,480 for software

Multitech sytems; Internet security appliance RF660vpn. $1,277.49

Lucent; VPN Gateway 2.0 with Encryption Accelerator Card (VPN gateway with firewall for User-to-site) $25,980

Microsoft ; Windows NT Server 4.0 SP4 Routing and Remote Access Service (Router with VPN on the operating systemfor User-to-site) $1,618 for software

Multi-Tech Route Finder VPN Internet Security Appliance (RF600VPN) Firewall$641 – $738

Symantec; Norton personal firewall for macintosh $62.81

Novell; BorderManager Firewall Services 3 (Directory-based software VPN for User-to-site) $1,990 for software

SonicWALL SSL-VPN 2000 Firewall by sonic WALL for $1,585 – $1,995

Symantec Enterprise Firewall+VPN High Availability+$1,254.99+$18.13

Wathguard UPG watchguard firebox soho license to 25users : $163.64

watchguard firebox soho branch office vpn – $280.27

watchguard mobile user vpn -: $808.33

VPN Routers

Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router $90 – $160

Compatible Systems; IntraPort 2+ (Dedicated VPN hardware for User-to-site) $13,990 (includes 1 IntraPort 2+ and 1 IntraPort 2)

D-Link DI-824VUP Wireless Router$115 – $170

Intel; LanRover VPN Gateway 6.6 (VPN hardware with firewall, routing for User-to-site) $18,500

Linksys Wireless-G WRT54GS Router$49 – $80

Nortel Networks ; Contivity Extranet Switch 1500, 2.0 (Encrypting router with firewall for User-to-site) $14,000

RedCreek Communications ; Ravlin 10/5100 3.0.2 (Dedicated VPN hardware for User-to-site) $8,300

TimeStep; TimeStep Permit Gateway 4520 (Dedicated VPN hardware for User-to-site) $16,985

VPNet Technologies ; VPNware VSU-1100, 2.51 (Dedicated VPN hardware for User-to-site) $37,985

Remote Access Servers

Symantec VPN Gateway 4420 Appliance, Remote Access Server $2,220 – $3,022

Cisco VPN3030, Remote Access Server$16,461

Nortel Alteon SSL VPN, Remote Access Server$9,628

Symantec Platinum Support Gateway Security C2G VPN$65.99+ $13.73

VPN concentrator for enterprises

Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator Series£ 1596.57

Altiga C10 VPN Concentrator: $10,000

UTM-Unified Threat Management

Edge Force, These devices are for small business interconnection and VPN and depends upon size of company $ 1000 to $14000.

Many factors need to be considered before settling on a VPN strategy. Compatibility with existing equipment, management workloads and extra features decide the price of VPN equipment. Take time to test prospective products before you buy.


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