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Our Free VPN (Virtual Private Network) server is Designed with the latest technologies and most advanced cryptographic techniques to keep you safe on the internet from prying eyes and hackers by securely routing all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to bypass government censorship, defeat corporate surveillance and monitoring by your ISP. FREEVPNWORLD strives to keep the internet a safe and free place by providing free and secure PPTP VPN service access for everyone

 Free PPTP based Personal VPN Service that encrypts all internet packets and tunnels online communication data through premium quality Canada secure servers. It changes end user’ visibility to the internet world and protects against online intruders and snoopers.

Built for Performance

Our VPN servers are built for speed with their own dedicated hardware. You will immediatley notice that our VPN servers are properly optimized to maximize your speed and browsing experience all while maintaining your privacy online.

No Restrictions

Unblock any website or service online, we do not block any ports or websites so you can play any games or use any programs and experience the whole of the internet right at your fingertips.

Strongest Encryption

We understand how important it is for you to be anonymous and secure. All traffic between you and the VPN is encrypted using only the best encryption techniques such as AES-256, to get an idea, it would take the world’s fastest supercomputer 1000’s of years to crack this level of encryption.

No Bandwidth Limits

Enjoy unrestricted speed and unlimited traffic, wether you want to watch a movie, download a torrent or run any traffic intensive apps, we do not restrict speed wether you use 1GB or 100GB of bandwidth in a day.

Smart CDN Fallback

Providing cloud based I.P CDN components that helps our network intelligently route your traffic via the least congested route to maintain overall network integrity, which results in performance improvement for end-users, and the great part is that there’s still a local fallback in case of CDN failure.

100% Anonymity

With governments and ISP’s world wide now pushing for mandatory data retention and snooping laws, we place our servers strategically in countries where these such laws do not exist (example: Romania, Switzerland), thus we do NOT log any of your internet browsing traffic, all that is logged is your I.P address and time the connection was made, connection logs are automatically removed every 3 days.

Free Usa VPN service supports any PPTP protocol clients. PPTP is a well known protocol embedded in most operation systems and mobile devices, so no additional software needed for this most popular VPN connection, plus it works with ADSL, Cable Modem etc. all kinds of high speed internet. Want to speed up internet access, protect online identity and hide browsing history from being sniffed? Start using the Usa VPN service now, it’s Always FREE!

Features of Free USA VPN World

  • 3Mbit/s dedicated high speed internet connection from premium Canada data center for each VPN session, up to 50Gbps total bandwidth to world;
  • Encrypts and compresses all web browsing traffic;
  • Bypasses local ISP’s traffic shaping and websites blocking;
  • Hiding online tracks from internet sniffing & web filtering system Websense;
  • No logs, No traces, no any VPN activities history saved in our VPN side;
  • Your real internet IP is hidden when using our VPN service;
  • Working with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, Apple Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu, iPhone, iPad, Google Android, WM65 and most network appliances;

VPN account informationad2

  • PPTP VPN Server Hostname: Auto
  • PPTP VPN Encryption Mode: Auto
  • PPTP VPN Username: Vpn123
  • PPTP VPN Password: <check Get>

Note: Please, never use the service for illegal internet activities, once we discovered any kind of fraud, spam or network attacks, the VPN connection details, including the time, original IP and transactions will be exposed to related authority when needed, thanks.

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