Who Owns VPN Unlimited?

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who owns vpn unlimited

VPN Unlimited is owned by KeepSolid Inc., but the company claims it does not collect or log user activities. All it records are the total amount of web traffic and session dates. In fact, it has a no-logs policy, which means the company has no way to trace user activity back to an individual user. Even if someone were to demand such information, VPN Unlimited would not be able to provide it.

KeepSolid Inc

The VPN Unlimited service is owned by KeepSolid, an international conglomerate that provides innovative online productivity and security solutions. The company was established by Vasily Ivanov, Oleg Bocharnikov, and Vasily Diakonov. The company’s first product, Photo Transfer WiFi, transferred HD photos and videos from iOS devices and spanned a network of servers in Los Angeles, Netherlands, and the Netherlands. Within a year, VPN Unlimited gained a large following due to its lack of bandwidth limitations.

While KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is serviceable in terms of speed and privacy, it has a disappointingly slow international speed. Its price is also too expensive for the average user and lacks any distinguishing features. KeepSolid also offers a seven-day free trial. Netflix streaming works smoothly with KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited, thanks to a dedicated Netflix server. The company also provides a server located in the United States, which is a bonus for privacy-conscious users.

As for customer support, VPN Unlimited’s team provides email and live chat support around the clock. A live chat operator will answer your questions and send you an email response. When I wrote them an email asking about VPN Unlimited’s customer support, I received a response within one hour. This was a nice surprise. This company is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Besides offering a wide range of security features, VPN Unlimited also has over 80 server locations in censored countries, making it possible to unblock sites, download torrents, and more.

VPN Unlimited’s servers are limited

If you’re a heavy torrenter, you may not want to use VPN Unlimited. The servers are limited, and the company does not allow torrenting. Moreover, the service does not support P2P, which means that you can’t watch your favorite TV shows or movies. Nevertheless, VPN Unlimited is a good choice for people who want to surf the web legally. Its apps are easy to use and look modern. They display the location of the server you’re connected to, and they also contain a button for displaying a new IP address.

There are some countries that VPN Unlimited doesn’t cover. The company doesn’t operate in many countries, so it doesn’t have a large network of servers. In fact, its servers are located in fewer than half of the world. However, it does have a dedicated BBC iPlayer in the UK, which allows you to watch BBC content. However, if you’re trying to watch American TV shows and movies in Russia, you’ll have to use another VPN to do so. VPN Unlimited’s servers are limited, but it’s still a great service.

Although you won’t be able to access many websites and content in the United States through its app, you can use it to unblock content from various websites and apps. You can use it on more than five devices, even up to fifteen. Its browser extension protects your online data from hackers and ISPs. It’s available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. It also supports a wide variety of operating systems and devices, including AppleTV, Chromecast, Smart TV, PlayStation, and Xbox. The app lets you transfer photos and videos via Wi-Fi. Moreover, VPN Unlimited’s servers are not limited to specific countries, which means that it is suitable for torrenting.

It has a convoluted setup process

Setting up VPN Unlimited is easy, but it’s not without its annoyances. The first step is setting up an account with an email address, and the rest follows. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll need to download the VPN client, which is easy to install once you’ve signed up. However, the setup process can be a bit of a hassle, so we suggest trying it before making a decision.

VPN Unlimited supports five simultaneous connections for a standard account, which is less than most of the competition. But that’s still not a lot of bandwidth. Other VPN services can support up to six, and VPN Unlimited’s list is far more modest. A Windows client and a Chrome extension on the same system will fill up two slots each. You’ll have to remove an old device to connect to the VPN service, and it’s also limited to one device per week.

It relies on IKEv2 and OpenVPN

VPN protocols vary considerably between providers, but many offer a combination of both. IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN are two of the most popular protocols. OpenVPN is more secure, while SSTP is known for speed. Both protocols can be effective for different tasks, but they have distinct advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of each. If you’re looking for a VPN that can meet your needs and is secure, choose a VPN that relies on IKEv2 or OpenVPN.

IKEv2 is the more secure of the two protocols, and it also allows for greater network security. It supports the Triple-DES and AES encryption algorithms, but it requires UDP port 500. However, the downsides of using IKEv2 are that it’s difficult to audit the VPN tunnel protocol. OpenVPN, on the other hand, can run on any port, so it can bypass any restrictive firewalls. WireGuard uses UDP port 51820 by default and was developed to solve the shortcomings of IPSec and OpenVPN. Because it’s lightweight and has open source support, it can be installed on virtually any operating system.

While IKEv2 and OpenVPN are secure, they may not be as fast. Depending on your network requirements, you may need to use another protocol. PPTP is the least secure and can be blocked by some networks, while OpenVPN can overcome heavy censorship and geo-restrictions. VPN Unlimited uses a combination of protocols, including PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP. Its user-friendly interface and stellar customer support make it an excellent choice for a VPN.

It has a “no logging” policy

Many VPN services offer a “no logging” policy, but which one is best? While many of these companies’ “no logging” policies are based on the government’s standards, they don’t actually follow any of them. Rather, they simply don’t log anything. That’s good news for those who want to avoid having their data tracked and to stay anonymous while using a VPN.

One of the biggest questions surrounding VPN providers’ no-logging policies is how much information they store. While most services collect data related to the IP address of their users, VPN Unlimited does not. These companies do keep IP addresses, but they only record the IP address you use during the session. In some cases, the IP addresses are only stored for ten days. The only logs that are stored longer are the usage statistics per billing period. VPN Unlimited doesn’t have a privacy statement, and their TOS statement doesn’t cover this issue. However, they did address the log issue in a blog post, explaining that they only record the aggregate connection data, not the user’s real IP address.

Although a VPN may be able to shield you from prying eyes, it can still look at your data, so it is important to select one with a reliable no-logging policy. NordVPN has been audited twice and has passed PwC’s no-logging policy. All of the other VPNs on our list are great for protecting your privacy. There are several VPN services available today that have no logging policies that are the most rigorous.

It offers a lifetime membership

VPN Unlimited is a VPN service that offers a lifetime subscription. Its subscription includes all the services that are offered by the regular VPN service, and even a Kill Switch feature that will cut your connection if your connection fails. The VPN service will block ads, pop-ups, and other unwanted content that can be annoying to surf the internet. KeepSolid Wise is a strong VPN protocol developed by KeepSolid Inc. that bypasses even the strongest VPN blocks. Due to its technical characteristics, it is difficult for hackers to detect or block VPNs. In the VPN Unlimited app, you can enable KeepSolid Wise under Settings – Protocols.

Many VPNs offer lifetime memberships, but beware of this marketing ploy. Most lifetime VPN providers only last a year or two and then cease to exist. That’s because lifetime subscriptions are unsustainable – VPN services need to invest in first-rate software and new technologies to remain relevant. Also, these services may shut down in the future if their business does not make enough money. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the features and services that VPN Unlimited offers.

It has a money-back guarantee

VPN Unlimited offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. You can cancel your subscription within seven days of purchase and you will not be charged. However, after this time, you will not be able to claim your money back. To cancel your subscription, log in to your VPN Unlimited account and visit the Purchase history page. Then, select the button labelled “Cancel subscription”. After that, the VPN Unlimited service will not be renewed automatically.

The service offers split tunneling (available on Android), DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. However, it does not offer a zero-logs policy. VPN Unlimited collects your original IP address, device ID, time zone, and WiFi network name, as well as your data usage and date. It also keeps track of the total data used, including the number of devices using the VPN. You can even blacklist specific subdomains or domains.

Another plus of VPN Unlimited is its wide selection of servers in 80+ countries. This allows you to access content that is blocked in countries like China. The company claims that its encryption technology is military grade and it even works in China. Unlike most VPN services, VPN Unlimited uses military-grade encryption. It also has a kill switch and military-grade encryption to keep your traffic private. Finally, VPN Unlimited offers good connection speeds and a money-back guarantee.

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