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When it comes to VPN service, ExpressVPN tops the list. This highly-reliable VPN boasts secure security smarts and fast server connections. Designed to work on all your devices, ExpressVPN has been a proven success for unlocking streaming services and blocked websites. ExpressVPN has a 24/7 customer support team as well. This makes it a good choice for people who want to protect their online privacy.


Regardless of whether you want to secure your Internet traffic or just browse the Web anonymously, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs available for the Firestick. Its massive support website offers tons of helpful resources, including video guides, FAQs, and general information. If you have a technical question, the ExpressVPN live chat is fast and friendly, and they will send you a link to a comprehensive manual.

When using ExpressVPN, you’ll benefit from their large network of servers in the United States and Europe. Its servers are located in almost every European country. This vast network of servers gives you the best VPN connection regardless of where you are located. In addition, ExpressVPN doesn’t throttle or limit your bandwidth. Its smart location feature automatically connects you to the fastest server based on proximity, load, and latency. Plus, you can test your connection’s speed before connecting to the VPN, which is a feature that will save you from the hassle of having to connect to an unavailable server.

CyberGhost VPN

If you’re wondering whether CyberGhost VPN is the best VPN for your needs, read on to find out. This service has a huge fleet of servers in 89 countries, including Europe and the Americas. It also has virtual servers in several countries, including Africa and South America. However, you should be aware that there are some differences between physical and virtual servers. For instance, physical servers are more secure and faster than virtual servers. Virtual servers offer better performance and privacy, but you may be better off using the former.

Although there is no strict no-logs policy for VPNs, CyberGhost stores data that is anonymous, such as the number of connection attempts and the country from which the connection was made. This data is not tied to any personal information and is used solely to measure VPN performance. It is also not stored indefinitely. You may need to periodically update your account to stay protected. However, you can expect to see a new report in three months.

IPVanish VPN

If you’re wondering which VPN is the best, IPVanish is a good choice. The company has three different pricing plans, each of which includes the same basic features. IPVanish does not keep logs of your browsing activity and uses the data only to improve the software. IPVanish also has no logs of your DNS queries, connection time stamps, or website visits. It does, however, collect some random information in order to improve its services and make them more useful to users. In addition, IPVanish doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies. Hence, if you want to browse the internet privately, IPVanish has no rivals.

The best VPN services offer strong security features and IPVanish is one of them. This VPN service provider is based in the US, which might make some users wary of US intelligence agencies and law enforcement. However, the company has a zero-logs policy and no record of users being hacked or arrested. As a result, IPVanish is a solid option for many users. The company supports macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, and Amazon Fire TV.


IPVanish has an extensive network of over 850 servers in 75 countries, including Africa, the Middle East, and the APAC region. Its huge network of servers also means that it doesn’t experience bottlenecks or lags when you connect to popular locations. Users are free to choose which location they want to use. This feature makes it easy to access content from any country and to choose a server that suits their needs.

Another enticing feature of IPVanish is the ability to use your mobile device while being protected. IPVanish will keep hackers from stealing personal information stored on your mobile device. Most people are unaware of the amount of personal data they store on their cell phones. Therefore, IPVanish is a must for mobile device users. You can get an IPVanish VPN by downloading its free application and installing it on your device.

IPVanish offers split tunneling

If you’re on an Android or Fire OS device, IPVanish can help you unblock your content by allowing you to exclude specific apps from your VPN tunnel. By excluding apps, you’ll be able to use your web connection’s full bandwidth without worrying about your VPN throttling your connection. Here’s how to use IPVanish’s split tunneling feature. Just open the IPVanish app, tap the hamburger menu at the bottom, and then select the Connection tab. From there, choose Split Tunneling and select the app you want to exclude from the VPN tunnel.

IPVanish has a great selection of apps and has servers in over 60 countries. You can also use split tunneling to let some apps bypass your VPN and continue using them. Split tunneling gives you complete control over your internet traffic, while maintaining access to local networks. This service has been widely praised for its speed, allowing you to watch streaming video on popular services and torrenting without worrying about being watched by snoopers or being spied on.


OVPN is a good VPN service, which is available on several operating systems. You can pay for a subscription with credit or debit card, PayPal, or cash. The company also accepts several cryptocurrencies. Though the software is available in English, you can also use the website’s other languages, including German, Norwegian, Swedish, and Turkish. The service has a 10-day money-back guarantee. After signing up, you can check out its website and subscribe to one of its plans.

OVPN has an excellent reputation for privacy. Because it does not keep payment information on its servers, OVPN allows users to pay using crypto, cash, or credit cards. It is also incredibly easy to sign up for an account; you just have to enter your username and password. Then you can sign in with your OVPN account. You can also pay via PayPal, credit card, or cryptocurrency. OVPN is one of the few VPN services that doesn’t require email addresses or credit card information. You can even choose the encryption level you want, such as AES-256.

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