What is SSL VOIP VPN Tunneling and how SSL VPN helps VOIP

What is SSL VOIP VPN Tunneling and how SSL VPN helps VOIP

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It conveniently eliminates the problem of port blocking that is commonly encountered with Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol especially when web proxies, NAT routers, and firewalls are used between the server and its clients. A good example of this is the common Linksys VoIP VPN problems that are addressed by SSL VPN.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a relatively new technology that allows a person to make phone calls using a high speed Internet connection. While some VoIP services require people to call somebody availing of the same service, there are also other VoIP service providers that allows an individual to call another person through his land-based phone or mobile number locally, long distance, or internationally. There are VoIP services that require the use of special phones while others will work with any regular phone provided it is connected with service provided VoIP adapter.

What is VPN?

VPN is virtual private network. It allows for a private, secure, and steady connection between a corporate network and its clients through the Internet. Because of this technology, accessing your company network is made possible wherever you may be – at home, traveling, or in an entirely different country. With VPN, corporate intranets are expanded and all distant offices and branches can possibly connect to one main network.

What is SSL VPN?

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is the protocol used by E-commerce Internet sites. Because it mainly handles secured transactions like credit card purchases and online banking, SSL had proven itself in terms of data protection and integrity. And now, the SSL concept integrated into a VPN connection is now being applied on VoIP. And it proves to be a good alternative to the traditional IPSec solutions.

How Does SSL VPN Help VoIP?

SSL VPN improves call quality.

A recent independent study was conducted and results shows that adding an SSL VPN connection to a IP phone call using a stable broadband network can actually make voice transmission a lot better. SSL VPN gives VoIP a good structure. A broadband connection can be as fast as 1GB. A VoIP connection, on the other hand, needs merely 64kpbs speed. Because of the big difference, the Transmission Control Protocol or TCP was able to fix all impairments in the connection without sacrificing voice quality. SSL VoIP VPN tunneling has enhanced the quality of voice calls compared to using its traditional counterpart. Using a VoIP router VPN supporting SSL certainly makes telephone conversations better.

SSL VPN protects VoIP calls.

Without the use of a SSL VPN network, VoIP calls travel unencrypted. And this could pose to be a problem when there are sensitive data to be transferred over the phone line through the Internet. While some conversations can go unencrypted, SSL VPN solves the problem associated with corporate networks requiring secure lines for their online meetings and Internet conferences.

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