VPN Software Client Server

VPN Software Client Server

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VPN systems use the Internet as a medium of secure data transmission. This has cut costs to a fraction of the original while providing the same benefits of a secure network. While VPN hardware devices were used as servers, now VPN software is available for download, using which you can set up VPN servers on any machine. This has cut costs further as a dedicated server/router is not necessary for setting up a VPN system.

VPN software such as VPN clients can be set up now even in mobile devices such as iPhones and laptops.

Let�s see what software you need to set up a VPN office network. We�ll also check out the latest software for VPN available for download over the Internet today!

Types of VPN Software You Need

The VPN architecture transmits data over the Internet in a secure and encrypted way. VPN involves the use of a VPN server. You can have a hardware VPN server device or opt for VPN server software.

A VPN server will have corresponding VPN client software. In case of web-based VPN systems, you don�t need special client software. A browser will function as a VPN client in the case of web-based VPN.

While with a VPN server software, there is no need to invest in expensive hardware devices, you do trade off on aspects such as speed. A VPN hardware device gives faster and more efficient performance.

Similarly, specific VPN client can give you more security and access to more features. Using a browser in place of a VPN client can be a security risk, especially if the browser is on a public computer.

There are other types of software such as security and management tools for VPN. There are free VPN software as well as paid, available for download over the Internet.

VPN Client Software for Download

VPN client software helps you to connect to your VPN official network.

Here�s a review of the various VPN client software available for download over the Internet. This includes both open source VPN clients as well as commercial ones.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client v3.0 is the latest release of its VPN software client. Cisco�s VPN client is to be used in conjunction with the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance.

Cisco�s AnyConnect VPN client works using the IPSec Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocols. These are all protocols through which secure, encrypted communication is possible over the Internet. The previous version of Cisco�s VPN client, version 2.5, supported only the SSL and DTLS protocols.

Cisco�s VPN client makes use of Cisco Scansafe Web Security Services to ensure that the client and data are secure.

To download the latest available Cisco VPN client, you must be registered at Cisco Website and have a service contract with Cisco.

VPN Tracker 6.2.2 for Mac OS

VPN Tracker has been developed by Equinux. This VPN client is meant for the Mac OS X operating system developed by Apple computers.

The USP of the VPN Tracker is the concept of �Secure Desktop� which offers an easy structured management interface, where users can handle files, applications and websites in a single place.

Both a trial version and VPN software for purchase is available from the VPN Tracker website.

OpenVPN Client

OpenVPN is an open source VPN solution. The OpenVPN client free VPN software is available for free download from its website.

OpenVPN client is available for many operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Mobile versions can also be downloaded.

Downloading VPN Server Software

There are both open source as well as copyrighted VPN server software. The number of VPN software solutions for servers is less compared to the abundance of VPN clients. It may be because a dedicated hardware VPN device may give better performance.

Let�s review some software VPN servers.

OpenVPN Software Server

OpenVPN offers both free VPN software and paid versions. OpenVPN Community Edition has the free VPN server, which can be downloaded from the OpenVPN website.

The commercial version of OpenVPN is called Access Server, which offers enhanced features as well as live technical support.

The server software offered by OpenVPN, runs on platforms such as Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows.

WinGate VPN Server

WinGate VPN server is provided by Qbik and allows setting up a VPN network quickly and easily. It also has a bundled firewall along with support for SSL protocol and certificate-based authentication.

WinGate server is available for download on a licensing fee basis. It can run on Windows platforms such as Windows 2000/XP/2003 and Vista.

Other Software Tools for VPN

Software tools especially for VPN security can be purchased online and downloaded. Check Point Software Technologies, a leading computer network security company, has developed security solutions known as VPN Software Blades. This VPN security solution offers network protection such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). There are more than thirty VPN protection tools on offer. Check Point has won awards for its software.

The rich VPN resources in the Internet can be tapped by businesses and enterprises looking for optimal VPN software to set up a global online office network.