VoIP VPN problems and the advantages of using it

VoIP VPN problems and the advantages of using it

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  1. Lower Maintenance Costs.
    IpSec is much harder to maintain than the new SSL VPN tunnel. Plus, it is generally easier to maintain because clients need not worry about port blocking whenever they need to reinstall their software, change modems and routers or even their computer systems. Cisco VPN VoIP troubleshooting is fairly easy to follow, especially for technical experts.
  2. Easy setup.
    Since SSL VPN uses the same protocol as the Internet does, there’s really no need to install or even understand highly technical programs and principles. And now, big software companies such as Microsoft are working to integrate a Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol into the soon to the newer operating system versions.
  3. Anywhere access.
    With VoIP VPN wireless security, anybody now has the ability to make secure VoIP phone calls and net meetings anywhere that has an Internet connection. VPN makes VoIP very portable and very valuable.

Disadvantages of Using SSL VPN

  1. Client / Server applications are not supported.
    Because SSL VPN works mainly over the Internet, the only applications supported are Web-based applications. Problems are going to arise if corporate servers rely on legacy applications such as Oracle or SAP, which consequently don’t have the ability work in an Internet environment. And this is especially felt if the company is using hosted VPN VoIP connections.
  2. Slower connection time.
    One of the complaints of SSL VPN clients is that they find it longer to connect through VoIP compared to using IPSec. This is partly due to the security clearing the server performs when a client requests access. But then again, once the connection is authenticated, the connection picks up, gets faster and become stable.

SSL VoIP VPN tunneling is definitely worth trying. If you are company experiencing VoIP VPN problems, maybe it is high time to switch to this newer technology. It pays to be ahead with the times!


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