The Best VPNs for Japan

The Best VPNs for Japan

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Internet censorship in Japan is largely unhindered, though in the wake of the 2012 Fukushima nuclear disaster there were concerted efforts to force Japanese internet users to remove material that may have been deemed controversial or detrimental to the countries image. There are no reports that the government engages in any form of email, private communication or internet monitoring though there are somewhat draconian laws relating to copyright infringement that can result in users facing criminal sentences and jail terms for viewing pirated material. Whilst the government does not engage in widespread monitoring practices, individuals located in Japan may still want to consider utilising a VPN provider for secure file transfer, anonymity on public WiFi connections and connectivity to georestricted sites such as the US and UK versions of Netflix. Whilst Japan has a number of VPN options, Hong Kong potentially offers the best solutions due to its own internet freedoms and relative proximity for connection speed.

We have completed a number of tests that rate VPN providers on several criteria so we can cater our recommendations specifically for Japanese VPN users. For your ease of use, I have compiled the best VPNs for Japanese users in the table below. If you are interested in reading the reviews on each provider I highly recommend browsing the extensive review section.

The VPNs listed below are also recommended as good all rounders. None of the below do any deep logging of their users, so your activity is completely anonymous. They also turn a blind eye to file sharing and torrenting, so they are suitable for filesharing. Finally, they all offer multi platform, so they also suit mobile, tablet and desktop users.

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