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Strong VPN Review

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Strong VPN Review Average Ratings (from 21 ratings)OverallPriceSpeedSupportSetupReliabilityProvider / started as a computer system integrator in South Lake Tahoe in 1994 with a small staff. We moved from various colocation facilities in Northern California until we settled at200 Paul ExchangeColo now run by Digital Realty Trust. This facility offered us a ideal locationfor peering and growth ability.We have been able to steadily grow our customer base by understanding a fundamental rule in regardsto business. There is no way to truly grow a hosting business on product and price advantage alone,the most important factor to a successful business is a strong customer service culture.Our network is a redundant multihomed BPG4 system utilizing quality Cisco and Foundry Networks routers and switches. We connect to more than 30 other networks through our transit and peering connections to North America, Europe and Asia over multiple gigabit fiber optics.Our staff monitors our network 24/7/365 – you can be assured that we’ll be there if you need us.Strong VPN Highlights:- U.S. company, established in 1995- Live (chat) and phone support- No bandwidth limitation- Over 100 servers worldwideInformationPrice21$ per 3 months for US PPTP servers | 90$ per 3 months for all serversTrafficUnlimitedPPTPL2TPSome serversSSTPSome serversOpenVPNServer LocationsUS, UK, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Germany, CanadaNetwork RestrictionsNone listedMoneyback GuaranteePayment MethodPaypal, Credit Card, wire transfer, MoneybookersStrong VPN Review0admin2013-11-08 started as a computer system integrator in South Lake Tahoe in 1994 with a small staff. We moved from various colocation facilities in Northern California until we settled at200 Paul ExchangeColo now run by Digital Realty Trust. This facility offered us a ideal location for peering and growth ability. 21 User ReviewsReplyJBPosted March 24, 2012 at 10:08 AMAll i can say about StrongVPN is amazing..I’ve had nothing but great customer service and my answers were always answered. As far as the configurations go pretty simple enough and they do have a video on how-to set things up. As far as speeds are concerned you would have to use the server closest to you to get the best speed possible, this is going to be the 2nd year with them as my vpn provider and services are going great for me. + you get a 2nd acct for $2. and its a full featured PPTP only acct.OverallPriceSpeedSupportSetupReliabilityDid you find this review helpful? Yes   NoReplyNataleePosted October 31, 2012 at 1:02 AMSeriously? Figuring out that you can use a US-based VPN, and a fake address to use US-only sevrecis is hardly groundbreaking. Some of us have been doing this for ages to use Pandora and Hulu, for example, or BBC’s iPlayer with a UK-based VPN.The problem here, though, is that, apart from the usual terms-of-service breaches, you’re using your South African credit card along with a fake billing address / zip-code. You do know this constitutes fraud, right?Pretty stupid, if you ask me.OverallPriceSpeedSupportSetupReliabilityDid you find this review helpful? Yes   NoReplyJoaquinPosted February 19, 2012 at 8:31 PMI decide to give a try to strongvpn , even if the price is high, i thought i will get a good service and that is what i need.. I applied to lite package 60 USD/6 months, i sent to them 80 USD as i did trought wire transfer i and i was afraid also their bank take also some comission, but ok no .. they received the 80 USD..First week speed very good.. then after start to slow down.. really so slow that i cant even surf.. even using a free vpn was 10time faster.. they told me try other servers.. i tried one.. ok.. fast speed so after 1 week of full speed and 1 and a half month of almost no service, ( iwas traveling so no even chance to take time to deal with this , i thought was mmy computer or my connection), y changed to other server .. they told me that service its more expensive..ok.. i already have 20 usd as credit so.. upgrade..after 20 days they billed me 15 more USD.. and in 1 month service expire!so.. 2 months almost no connection, 1 month of ok speed.. and then they want 95 USD for that months!. i told them ok.. wait.. i iwll go back to the old service .. i prefer even not have speed or conenction that pay 15 usd more so.. downgrade please.. ans i still will have 3 more months..They just cancell my acounnt and took al my money!!!.. means 3 months.. only could use 1 month.. at 80 USD!.. This is what you get for dealing a bunch of russians!, i regret not listening the advices.. now i have another vpn .. 50 USD year.. and speed is even 1- times faster than the strongvpn premium one!..Did you find this review helpful? Yes   NoReplyAdbulPosted December 16, 2011 at 5:20 PMI use strongvpn for some time now. What I like about them is the super fast non-stop customer service they provide. The biggest drawback is the limited server switches. From time to time it disconnects, but all providers have this problem. Overall it`s a good deal at a fair price.OverallPriceSpeedSupportSetupReliabilityDid you find this review helpful? Yes   NoReplyAndrew G.Posted August 24, 2011 at 4:36 PMRead their policies very carefully before you buy this! They log everything you do, and will close your account at strike one if they receive e DMCA complaint for some mp3 or movie. This is exactly what happened to me. They did not even have the courtesy to refund me!OverallPriceSpeed Not RatedSupport Not RatedSetup Not RatedReliability Not RatedDid you find this review helpful? Yes   NoReplyRickPosted August 22, 2011 at 12:54 PMVery bad if you`re looking for online anonymity. All US VPN providers fall under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) law, so they`re obliged to share your information when requested. If you need anonimity and privacy, go off-shore! I use [removed by editor] now, they have a tight privacy policy.Did you find this review helpful? Yes   NoReplyStephenPosted May 12, 2011 at 8:15 AMI am using StrongVPN for a few months now and I am less than satisfied with their service. I bought the Lite VPN package with the San Francisco servers so I can watch some US TV online (I live in Singapore). The speeds I`m getting are very low, and make watching any video online almost impossible. I have a 4 Mbps line in my house, but I`m barely getting 1 Mbps with StrongVPN. Not exactly premium…OverallPrice

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