SSL VPN configuration and how to setup SSL VPN

SSL VPN configuration and how to setup SSL VPN

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  • Configuration of the server
  • Client and filter is started.
  • Filter is employed to filter traffic (Many parameters are employed to filter traffic. These parameters depend on the technique used)

IPSec appears attractive when there are diverse applications that require VPN connectivity. Yet more and more people are attracted to SSL VPN. This is because of the use of the standard web browser to establish a VPN connection instead of installing VPN client software.

Clientless VPN is not an accurate representation of SSL VPN. If you require other applications other that the Web browser to access VPN then you must spend a great time and effort on developing custom Java/ActiveX plug-ins (java applets or Active-X controls). Most organizations block active content to be safe from Trojans which uses Active-X to retrieve files, delete files etc.

For SSL VPN you may need to reconfigure the client browser. The security policy is implemented and enforced at the SSL gateway (SSL proxy) which means that there is no user involvement and no client policy to remotely manage. Also there are no client addresses assignment or changes to routing inside your network. SSL VPNS control access to applications and content (e.g., URLs) rather than network-layer entities, such as subnets and hosts.

SSL VPN vendors provide a variety of approaches, either they use a client side code to support application interface or use a backend to send the applications onto the VPN server.

Is SSL VPN secure?

Secure SSL VPN is implemented by SSL Web servers that always authenticate with digital certificates, passwords and tokens, which are supported as extensions. Is SSL VPN secure is a question often asked? SSL is better suited for scenarios where trust is limited as asymmetric encryption presently available is a difficult to crack. Also access control for applications and individual users are configured in SSL which gives it a more security that IPSec which provides access control dependent on access control to trusted user groups. This gives the trusted group access to the entire private server and subnet.

Security in the transit of packet on the internet is more secure using SSL as it carries sequence numbers inside encrypted packets to prevent packet injection. Message authentication to detect changes is a part of TLS (Transport Layer Security) making it better than the previous version SSLv3. TLS eliminates key exchange and message integrity. SSL VPNs, waste more resources on out of order packets detection and discards. Any client device and be used to attack any system. Complementary security measures are necessary. Personal Firewalls, Intrusion detection and prevention software’s, OS authentication and file encryption as well as malware scanning should be implemented on all machines accessing the VPN. Many SSL VPN providers use different methods like limit permissions in and filtering individual application commands in the Web browser to enhance security.

Any VPN is as secure as your PC. So secure your PC when accessing any VPN network and that will enhance security as a whole. SSL VPN’s are increasing in popularity as most users who need security are web based users who require security in e-commerce base applications.


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