Satellite internet vpn service supported by vpn software.

Satellite internet vpn service supported by vpn software.

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What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. It is a very cost-effective and a rather secure way used by companies to connect to other systems and networks over the Internet. It has been a popular way to provide users, or employees for that matter, access to the said the network wherever they are, using a regular web connection. It is much preferable for companies to setup rather than to create an totally private network of their own, because VPN is way cheaper, easier to use, and has lower maintenance requirements.

What is a Satellite Internet Service?

Satellite Internet services, on the other hand, is a type of Internet service that uses satellite technology to provide two-way data communication facilities, one for uploading and another for downloading. It is usually used in the rural areas where both the DSL and cable Internet lines cannot reach. Consequently, users have to setup up a satellite dish and connect it to a special modem. That way, they start to enjoy an Internet access that faster than dial-up modem, but a little slower than DSL.

Can Satellite Internet Services Support VPN?

The simple answer would be yes. VPN with satellite Internet is possible, but there are certain platforms that have to be used. Some satellite Internet service provider recommends the use of Galileo, a program that stabilizes the use of satellite Internet VPN, VOIP, and similar applications. Other than Galileo, HughesNet is also used. Cisco client VPN over satellite Internet connection is also a popular hardware that is being utilized nowadays, although it doesn’t come cheap.

The use of these and other third-party software, program, and hardware are necessary before a VPN over satellite Internet connection is initiated. This is because the principles behind these technologies are somewhat different. In reality, the two are not really intended to work together.

Generally, a VPN entails the use of a low-latency, high-bandwidth network so that the connection will work properly. Now in the case of satellite Internet service, the usual connection has high-latency. This is because satellite Internet service signals has to travel long distances before data is transferred. This is the very problem experienced by VPN over Wildblue satellite users experience.

Satellite Internet service also has low bandwidth, as far as upstream data is concerned. Generally, the upstream or upload bandwidth that a satellite service provides to its Internet users is somehow similar to that of a dial-up connection. A VPN connection needs high-speed data transfer, both for uploads and downloads to secure optimum data protection.

Additionally, Satellite Internet services also uses the IP spoofing technique so as to boost its connection performance. This technique is part of the service of most satellite Internet providers. IP spoofing, no matter how good it works to improve the performance of the satellite Internet network, is actually detrimental to that of a VPN. So as a work around, the VPN software that both the server and the client use have to support IP spoofing. It means that the VPN software should have a program integrated in it that could bypass the IP spoofing program in most satellite Internet service providers. All these makes VPN set up with satellite Internet very difficult.

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