Remote access server VPN and procedure for connection

Remote access server VPN and procedure for connection

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The article covers

  • Remote Access Service
  • Procedure for a Remote Connection
  • VPN Server and Remote Access

Remote PC is away of using a computer remotely. The remote PC dials the host PC and takes over the operation of the host PC. No one else can use the host PC as long as the remote user is using the host PC. There are various software’s that enable and establish connections like, Computer Associates-Control IT, NetOp, Symantec’s (ex-Quartedeck)-ProComm Plus, Symantec’s-PC Anywhere and LapLink.

RAS- Remote Access Service is similar to remote PC. It allows remote users to dial/connect to a LAN and utilize the LAN like any other local user. All of the major operating systems offer some form of RAS service. Remote access is possible using a dedicated line between a computer and the central Network. Dial up connections can be very slow. ISDN is more secure and offers faster data transfer. ISDN and DSL-(Digital subscriber lines) offer possibilities for a remote access. Remote access server is a communication server to help remote access users connect to the network. It is dedicated hardware RAS boxes with multiple lines for concurrent access of various remote users to the LAN. Firewalls and routers are used to ensure security and forward the remote users request to specific computers in the network. Wide Area Networks having dedicated lines also allow secure remote connectivity for users. A remote access server can also be a part of a virtual private network that provides remote access to users like a LAN does. The difference being the data carrier is not leased lines but a public carrier like internet. Remote Access VPN’s can be simple using fundamental software and hardware or complex requiring special hardware and software.

Remote Access Service

The basic needs to establish remote connection in a client server configuration is

  • A host computer (server) at the central office which has an operating systems that can establish and a run a remote Access service ( Windows NT or Server models, Novell NetWare or Linux)
  • Client computers that are configured to dial into the RAS server computer. Modem is necessary.
  • A connection and line for each incoming connection at the server is needed. It is here that router and other hardware components are used.
  • The server must be properly configured to accept the connections and provide implementation of RAS.
Procedure for a Remote Connection
  • The phone number of the Server connection must be known to remote users.
  • The clients dial the RAS server which is preconfigured to receive request from the particular client.
  • Pass word authentication takes place and the RAS Server answers the call and grants the clients access pertaining to the privilege they enjoy.

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