Protecting privacy using VPN solutions technology

Protecting privacy using VPN solutions technology

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  • User and database management
  • Tunnel management
  • Key management
  • Software Management
  • Support management

Look at every angle in the beginning as VPN is dynamic and is still an evolving technology; that is being tested by unscrupulous elements on the internet. Flaws that crop up need to be dealt with. See that the VPN you buy is able to grow along with your business. Some of the areas that will continue to see new developments are

  • Encryption algorithms have changed and will continue to change.
  • Tunneling protocols as well.
  • Flexibility of current systems to adapt to the changes.
  • Software upgrade to support any new changes
  • More expensive hardware or upgrades
  • Expansion of the user base that makes the network scalable.
  • Larger bandwidth to accommodate more and more VPN sessions.

The Major components that need to be taken into account for a VPN are

  • Internet (connection and the speeds to determine the amount of information to be transferred and the effectiveness of the bandwidth offered)
  • Security Gateways (routers, firewalls, integrated VPN hardware and integrated VPN software)
  • Security policy servers (RADIUS to control access control list and user related information)
  • Certificate authorities (outside certificate authority may need to be used in case you have to verify users from business partners when there is a mutual business environment.

Internet is growing and so are the many threats on the internet. A flaw in some software or hardware may completely expose the privacy of users on the VPN network. Regular monitoring and policing is the most effective solution.


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