Is X VPN Safe?

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is x vpn safe

If you’re wondering if X-VPN is safe, you’re not alone. The company has recently come under fire for collecting data on its users. It claims to store no personal data on EU-based servers, but that’s not the whole story. The company also collects data on timestamps, network type, device information, geolocation, protocol, and server connection. The data that X-VPN collects isn’t particularly useful, but that’s okay if you’re not worried about privacy.

X-VPN uses its own protocol

X-VPN claims to use the most advanced encryption protocols to protect your online activities. But this security feature is only partially effective. DNS leaks and a lack of customer support mean you’ll have to take their word for it. Plus, they offer poor live chat support and an ineffective support page. Ultimately, X-VPN is not the best VPN service for you. But, if you want to access the internet without worries, this is a good VPN to try out.

It does not store user information on servers located in the EU

X VPN does not store user information on its servers in the EU, a significant benefit for EU users. The new regulations require VPNs to comply with GDPR. However, many companies that do business in the EU are only partially GDPR compliant, unless they are specifically stated as being in the EU. X VPN follows GDPR compliance in every part of its business, but some EU customers may still want to check with their provider to make sure their VPN is GDPR-compliant.

It does not offer dedicated IP services

Dedicated IP is a great way to protect your privacy and stay safe online. Many websites block shared IP addresses because they may indicate fraudulent activity. If your IP address is shared, you will be unable to access these sites, which is frustrating. A dedicated IP address is unique to your computer and can be used to bypass built-in detectors on websites. If you’re trying to access any of your online accounts, a dedicated IP can make this process a lot easier.

It does not offer split tunneling

Many people use a VPN service to protect their privacy, but this doesn’t mean they need a VPN that offers split tunneling. By splitting your connection into two, you’ll be able to use a secure tunnel that hides your IP address, while still keeping your regular internet connection for other things. This type of service is ideal for those who need a VPN for certain things but want their speed and privacy for other activities.

It offers a free trial

There are many scams out there, including those that charge you without giving you a chance to try the product or service. Fortunately, California law requires companies to make these terms and conditions clear before signing you up. Honest companies do not hide these terms and conditions. Before you sign up for a free trial, make sure you uncheck any boxes and do a quick internet search to see if there are hidden terms.

It has a huge network of servers

X-VPN boasts that it has servers in over 50 different locations, ranging from the Middle East to Africa and Asia-Pacific. While it has only a single server in Egypt, it covers Latin America better than many other VPN providers. In addition, it has servers in Europe, the United States, and South America, including Brazil and Argentina. In addition to the large number of global servers, X-VPN also offers specialized servers for streaming and gaming.

It has good support

X VPN has decent customer support. If you run into any problems, there are three options: visiting the FAQ page, chatting with a live support agent, or sending an email. But the FAQ page is largely ineffective and confusing – there are no detailed answers to questions, and the information is written in broken English. X VPN should hire a freelance copy editor to improve their content. It’s not impossible to resolve your problems on your own, but it is far from optimal.

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