Is Touch VPN Safe?

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is touch vpn safe

When looking for a VPN service, you should know that not all of them are safe. In this article, we’ll look at the logging policy of Touch VPN, whether it’s anonymous, whether it offers a kill switch, and if it works in China. If you’re wondering, Touch VPN is not a good choice for China. Read on to find out why. Alternatively, you can check out other VPN services available in China to see if they’re safe.

Touch VPN’s logging policy

While many VPN providers claim to not log personal information, Touch VPN actually does. Besides knowing when and where you use their service, Touch VPN also logs your original IP address and approximate geographic location. Because it’s owned by Aura, a company based in the US, Touch VPN is likely to comply with both their general privacy policy and its VPN specific one. Even so, their logging policy is unacceptably intrusive.

Another downside is that Touch VPN only has email support. There is no dedicated knowledge base or guides. However, Touch VPN’s apps are easy to use, so you won’t have any problem using them. Hotspot Shield is part of the same parent company as Touch VPN, but they offer very different services. If you want more features for your money, I’d recommend the paid version. Although Touch VPN has a few drawbacks, it’s a good option for people who don’t care about their privacy.

Support is mediocre. The customer support department has limited online resources. The only way to contact a live agent is through email. While the average response time for a VPN is five to seven hours, it took Touch VPN over 24 hours to reply to my questions. I recommend checking out other VPNs if you’re serious about privacy. You won’t regret it. It’s well worth paying for a VPN that offers good support.

While Touch VPN provides good conditions, its logging policy raises privacy concerns. However, we can’t say for sure if it is safe to use. Considering its poor conditions and lack of torrenting or streaming, Touch VPN is a solid choice if you’re looking for a free VPN. In addition, Touch VPN offers a wide variety of countries, good speeds, and a comprehensive app. However, if you’re worried about privacy, I suggest you stay away from Touch VPN.

Despite the great logging policy, Touch VPN is far from a secure VPN service. It logs your IP address, geolocation, and Internet Service Provider. Because Touch VPN is based in the US, it’s subject to invasive privacy laws and the Five Eyes alliance. In addition, Touch VPN fails to unblock popular streaming services, imposes a 500MB data cap, and blocks P2P activities. Further, the only free version of the software offers a kill switch for Android devices, which makes it a poor choice for people who want to hide their IP address.

It’s not anonymous

While Touch VPN claims to be anonymous, it actually stores your financial and personal information, which is not completely secure. You could be in danger of being tracked by the government if your VPN provider is part of the Five Eyes Alliance. This is an organization that conducts surveillance on its citizens online and freely shares the information it collects with other members. Therefore, you should avoid Touch VPN if you are concerned about your privacy. Instead, you should use NordVPN, which supports the TOR browser.

While Touch VPN does not require an account to use its services, the website and the Chrome extension both have sign-in buttons. The user interface is easy to understand and intuitive. It lets you connect to the best server or a specific location. The Touch VPN website lists seven servers. Its interface is simple and features a sidebar that offers additional options. This VPN is not anonymous, so make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for and what it can and cannot do before using it.

The logging policy of Touch VPN is not transparent and lacks essential information. The company is owned by AnchorFree, a California-based company. Moreover, the company’s main product, Hotspot Shield, was recently exposed for disclosing the personal data of users. Touch VPN uses the same technology to broadcast its ads. This means your real IP address is being shared with advertising networks. Therefore, you should be wary of this VPN and try to stay away from it.

A kill switch is also a key feature that any reliable VPN must have. This feature is important for the security of your information. If the VPN disconnects, it will cut all your internet traffic, preventing it from reverting back to your ISP. This could expose your identity and online activities. So, if you want to be truly anonymous, make sure you choose a VPN with a kill switch. And if you have a weak connection, don’t use Touch VPN.

It doesn’t provide a kill switch

Touch VPN is one of the few free VPNs available, but it lacks an important feature – a kill switch. This feature cuts off internet traffic if the VPN connection is interrupted. Without a kill switch, you could be left vulnerable to identity theft and online activity surveillance. A kill switch is a critical feature, and many high-quality VPN products have it. Without this vital feature, you’ll find Touch VPN to be less reliable.

The killer switch option is particularly important for users of free Wi-Fi. Many public networks are not secure, and this makes them prime targets for hackers. If the VPN drops when you’re connected to an unsecured network, your data is at risk. And your public IP address gives away your location, so anyone can trace you and your activities. This is particularly concerning for those who work as journalists, bloggers, and activists.

A kill switch prevents third-party surveillance if the VPN drops. In case of a VPN failure, this feature allows you to choose which apps you want to protect. If you need to use certain apps without revealing your IP address, the kill switch is essential. However, a kill switch is a more flexible feature than an active VPN kill switch. This feature gives you more control over how the switch operates.

Although Touch VPN doesn’t require registration, it logs your browsing history, which may not be entirely secure. It also doesn’t unblock services like Amazon, Disney+, or iPlayer. Despite all of these problems, Touch VPN still promises to protect your privacy and allow you to browse anonymously. It’s worth checking out to see if it’s right for you. But before you sign up, make sure you’re aware of its shortcomings.

Despite its impressive features, Touch VPN fails to meet all of our requirements. The company logs all your internet activity, including your IP address, geo-location, and Internet Service Provider. Because it’s based in the US, Touch VPN’s privacy and security policies are influenced by the Five Eyes alliance. It also fails to unblock streaming services, imposes a data cap, and blocks P2P activity. Also, it only offers a kill switch on the Android app. Overall, it’s a decent VPN for most users, but if you want a VPN that offers encryption, I recommend Atlas VPN.

It doesn’t work in China

If you’re worried that Touch VPN won’t work in China, you’re not alone. Many users are also troubled by censorship on Chinese websites. The country has been known to blackhole domains and IP addresses. The change in China’s state-run routers propagates automatically via BGP, so when they update the routers, sites disappear across the country. Touch VPN can get you around this problem, but only if you’re willing to take the risk of speaking ill of the country.

The app’s website boasts of five-hundred servers in 90+ countries. Unfortunately, that list is incomplete and unreliable. Touch VPN has a few extra countries in its premium version, but they’re mostly in the US and Canada. So, how can you be sure it’s working in China? In this article, I’ll discuss the main pros and cons of this VPN. It’s also available in a free version, and the paid version costs $9 per month.

Touch VPN has 40 servers around the world, but doesn’t support VPN servers in Africa or New Zealand. Its logging policy is intrusive, which is equivalent to not using a VPN at all. If you’re looking for complete online anonymity, NordVPN might be the better option. It’s hard to find information about Touch VPN’s security, but it’s worth checking before signing up.

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