Is Private Internet Access a Good VPN?

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is private internet access a good vpn

The Private Internet Access website claims to have 28,000+ VPN and proxy servers located in 104 locations in 78 countries. In comparison, the nearest competitor has 7,000 servers, and Private Internet Access’ international servers are consistently slower. So, is Private Internet Access a good VPN? It really depends on your needs, but it’s certainly a worthy contender. In this article, we’ll explain how to decide which one to choose.

PIA has a “strict no logs policy”

While it might sound like a good idea, it is not. This provider is based in the United States, which isn’t exactly the most privacy-friendly country in the world. It is a member of the 14 Eyes Alliance, but Private Internet Access is steadfastly refusing to share any data with the government. The privacy policy is just one of many reasons why Private Internet Access is such a good option for those who want to be anonymous while using the internet.

While many VPN providers are prone to hand over information about their users, Private Internet Access is a unique service because it is based in the US and subject to US law. That means that it must comply with US laws and government demands, including handing over the data of users. This means that any information they collect about you is subject to 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance oversight. This is a significant concern for those who want to remain anonymous while using the internet.

While some VPN providers claim not to keep logs, private Internet Access has refused to do so in two separate investigations. PIA publishes a Transparency Report detailing official subpoenas issued to them. This transparency helps potential customers decide whether or not to use PIA. Further, PIA’s policy is consistent throughout. It’s a great option for those who want to remain anonymous while protecting their online privacy.

Another plus of Private Internet Access is that they offer virtual locations in countries where the government and other institutions have banned online activities. The service previously had physical servers in Russia and Brazil, but they’ve removed them. However, there are still some locations in these countries that you can use. This means that even if you’re spied upon, no one will know about it. In addition, the VPN provider offers DNS leak protection.

PIA offers a 256-bit AES encryption. They also follow a strict no logs policy. The service operates in a country that’s part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. Because they don’t keep logs, PIA can be trusted to protect your online privacy. Additionally, PIA has a free email breach monitoring tool.

For people looking for complete anonymity, PIA is the best VPN for privacy. They have an outstanding no-logs policy and offer a high-quality service. They have over 3,000 servers in almost 30 countries. That means that there’s much less traffic on their network. Speeds vary, but they are still acceptable for general use. The downside of this service is its lack of lifetime plans.

PIA VPN allows users to watch movies and TV shows that have been blocked in their country. Netflix US, DE, UK, and JP libraries are unblocked with PIA. It also allows users to download torrents across all servers. You can also browse the internet anonymously with PIA because it has no bandwidth limits. If you’re a fan of streaming services, this may be the right VPN for you.

It has thousands of servers in 84 countries

There are more than a thousand VPN servers in 84 countries. ExpressVPN and PIA both have thousands of locations. The former covers North America and Europe, while the latter serves Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Last count, PIA had over 30,000 servers. Which is better, ExpressVPN or PIA? Which country offers a better service? Let’s take a closer look at each.

PIA is a long-time VPN provider. They were founded in 2009 and recently got acquired by Kape Technologies. Unlike many other VPNs, PIA VPNs use 100% open source software, which means they fix security issues faster. They also offer a free email breach monitoring tool. The user interface of PIA is incredibly user-friendly, and it’s easy to navigate. Just press the big power button at the top of the app window and select a server. The list expands to display servers nearest to your location. Geo-located servers have a little globe icon next to them. If you like a particular server, you can add it to your Favorites list.

While Private Internet Access doesn’t offer as many servers as some other VPN services, its vast geographical coverage is an added bonus. Its servers are located in 84 countries. But while these servers are primarily located in the US, the service also has locations in Europe and Asia. Moreover, its three-year plan is very affordable and will last you forever. In case you’re not able to wait that long, you can choose a monthly payment plan.

Other features of this VPN include torrenting and streaming. Private Internet Access has a huge network, but it is unclear exactly how many are proxies. While this number may seem impressive, the company has not been audited by third parties. However, the company’s no-log policy has been publicly exposed, and they have a public no-logs policy. That said, they are one of the cheapest VPNs available, but they still offer a wide range of features.

The number of servers can affect VPN performance. But PIA has more servers than any other VPN, and if you need to access websites in a certain country, you may want to choose another provider. However, if PIA doesn’t have servers in your country, you can go for ExpressVPN. Its servers are located in almost every country in the world, and PIA servers are very fast and reliable.

Despite the high number of servers, PIA is not the fastest VPN on the market. Their speed isn’t the fastest, but it’s still decent when you’re close to your server, and drops as distance increases. Although it has a low average speed, PIA has the advantage of storing less information than WireGuard and TCP. This helps reduce congestion and improve performance.

It has a kill switch

Whether you want to be completely anonymous or just protect your privacy, Private Internet Access has a kill switch that will protect your online activities. A kill switch prevents your system from automatically restoring your connection after it disconnects, which decreases the risk of a real IP leak. Private Internet Access also allows you to set up custom DNS servers and use a DNS-based MACE system that blocks malicious domains and IP addresses.

Private Internet Access also includes a kill-switch that cuts off your connection for a certain period of time and restores it to normal as soon as your VPN is active again. This feature is effective 100% of the time and is a great way to protect your online activities. Plus, all PIA apps are open source, so their developers can search for bugs and leaks in the software, providing you with greater peace of mind than with other proprietary solutions.

Using a VPN with a kill switch is an excellent way to protect yourself when you’re using public WiFi. Kill switches automatically disconnect your device from the internet until you reconnect to your VPN. By blocking your internet access when you’re not using the VPN, you prevent your IP address from being leaked to hackers and other online spies. Additionally, kill switches also prevent your data from being sent over the internet without the VPN.

Another feature of Private Internet Access is its ability to use port forwarding. This advanced setting allows you to forward traffic to a different server. This isn’t necessary to use a VPN, but it is a great benefit for network tinkerers who want to make their Internet connections even more secure. Private Internet Access also supports port forwarding, which is an advanced setting, which many users may not need.

While many VPN services include a kill switch, not all support it. Some only support OpenVPN in the client app, while others require manual configuration. While kill switches aren’t native to any one VPN protocol, they are useful for many users. They also work across various platforms, and are compatible with most versions of Windows. While Android VPNs offer limited support for kill switches, the Windows platform offers the most options when it comes to VPNs.

While you are connecting to a VPN, a kill switch is the best way to protect your online privacy. This feature prevents websites from knowing your real IP address. A VPN kill switch can protect your privacy when your VPN drops out for any reason, including bad internet connections, overloaded servers, and computer errors. It’s an easy way to prevent these risks. The kill switch is a simple background process that monitors your internet connection and can take appropriate action if necessary.

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