How VPN gateway software is helpful to a VPN connection

How VPN gateway software is helpful to a VPN connection

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  • Secure remote employee access to corporate network
  • Authenticate end-users for e-commerce applications
  • Secure home xDSL/cable modem connections
  • Secure utility meter reading
  • Exchange over Encrypted VoIP tunnels

VPN gateway products

VPN gateway products are manufactured by many companies and VPN gateway software comes along with firewall or router solutions.

  • VPN Gateway 3050/ 3070 by Nortel is and SSL VPN gateway and also supports IPSec VPNs simultaneously. Nortel contivity- VPN client supports gateway based access.
  • Cisco PIX Firewall and gateway for PIX series
  • Check Point Firewall-1, VPN-1 Pro for Enterprises,VPN-1 Edge for Remote sites are from checkpoint systems
  • TZ (150 & 170) and Pro (4100, 4600, 3060, 2040 & 1260) series have integrated gateway solutions.
  • Axent Raptor. Firewall with gateway software integrated.
  • SecureCom 8001 Secure Internet Appliance
  • Lucent VPN Gateway
  • Shiva LANRover VPN Suite
  • PGP VPN Client
  • Entrust/VPNConnector (Entrust Technologies)

Gateway configuration is done when you configure the firewall or router. Since they are on autonomous systems it may not be all that obvious to you. In case of buying a specific gateway check the internet for any flaws in it. Then depending on your requirement make the best decision.


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