How to Setup VPN on iPhone 6 Plus

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how to setup vpn on iphone 6 plus

If you want to use a VPN on your iPhone, you must know how to set it up correctly. The default settings are Off or Disabled. To change them, either manually or automatically, open the settings or go to Settings -> General -> VPN. Third-party VPN applications are available in the Apple app store and use different protocols. Make sure to check their website or help manual before downloading them. You can also try the free version of these apps.


Setting up a VPN service on your iPhone is as easy as installing an app. The first step is to download the official OpenVPN Connect application from the iTunes App Store. Once downloaded, open it on your computer and type in your username and password to log in to your account. To begin, tap the openVPN iOS application and go to File Sharing. Then, tap on the Add VPN option. Note that you may be prompted to allow your network connection to be redirected over the VPN.

Install the OpenVPN app on your iPhone. The app is available for free. After installing, go to the Settings menu and select “OpenVPN” from the list of options. Then, open the OpenVPN app. You can access the profile and manage your VPN connection from this app. After you have setup your VPN, you can use the OpenVPN app to connect and disconnect. There is no need to worry about downloading any extra software; the application is free.


Before you begin setting up NordVPN on your iPhone 6 plus, you should know how to sign up for the service. Log into your NordAccount and choose your plan. Accept the privacy notification and then sign in to your account. You’ll then be shown a map and the ability to search for servers in your chosen country. Select a server location in the list or choose one of the recommended ones. NordVPN works efficiently in countries with strict media monitoring policies, such as China, Russia, and the United States.

Next, find your DNS address. You can find this by tapping the “i” button and choosing Settings. You’ll need to tap Renew Lease. This will change your device’s IP address and DNS address. After the process is complete, restart your phone to make changes take effect. The VPN should now automatically connect to the fastest server. If you have a firewall, tap on the “Protect my privacy” option. This should fix 90% of NordVPN connection problems.

Clario’s VPN

If you’re looking for a VPN for iPhone 6 plus, Clario is a good choice. With this app, you’ll be able to browse the web anonymously and privately, bypassing geographical restrictions that prevent certain websites from showing content in your country. Clario also protects your data while you’re on public Wi-Fi and prevents third parties from tracking your activities on your private home network.

While Clario’s VPN on iPhone 6 plus is a solid choice, it is not the only VPN for iPhone 6s available. It’s available for both iOS and Mac OS. The iOS version also lets you manage multiple devices with one subscription. Once installed, you’ll be able to control how your VPN works and which servers are enabled. The app also offers several location settings and the ability to turn on or off the connection.

Using a free VPN

There are many benefits of using a VPN on your iPhone. VPNs hide your online activity, so your ISP and other networks can’t read your private data. They also protect your privacy and allow you to watch geo-restricted content on the internet. To get started, download a VPN app for your iPhone. You can get a free iPhone VPN app by searching for one on the Apple App Store.

After downloading and installing the VPN application, open up your phone’s Settings and then select the General tab. Select VPN, and then tap the Status button to toggle the connection. Once connected, you can switch back to the VPN status. The same process can be done on your Mac or PC, and the VPN app works with both iOS and Windows. In either case, you must install third-party software for your iPhone in order to use it.

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