How To Hide Your IP Address

How To Hide Your IP Address

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Hiding Your IP in Australia

Your IP Address is a series of numbers, which pinpoints the exact physical location of where you are. It is understandable why hiding your IP address is essential now for people who want to remain anonymous while browsing on the internet.

Piracy is a hot topic around the world and in Australia the issue has made mainstream headlines over the past week. After the announcement of a new anti-piracy scheme and the news of copyright trolls coming Down Under this week, VPN usage has surged to unprecedented levels.

Top 4 reasons why people want to hide their IP address:

  • Hide their geographical location
  • Completely block anyone or agency from spying on their activity
  • Access blocked websites or media (e.g. Netflix, Spotify, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer)
  • Securely download torrents anonymously

The Safe And Secure Way To Hide Your IP

The best way is to sign up to a trusted VPN Service who will provide you with a new encrypted IP address, anonymous and untraceable. For a minimal subscription fee (usually around $6 a month) you get access to a secure VPN client which allows you to very easily connect via a new IP addresse.

People have asked whether Proxies are a good option. As they tend to be free they are very popular, however they are the least effective. They never come with a privacy policy or guarantee you’re activity isn’t being logged in any form. Their encryption methods are very weak, so they can also leak a lot of meta data about your connection

VPN services is the most secure method because they operate their own private server network where they own hundreds of thousands of IP addresses to give out when a user needs it. Because VPN services we recommend don’t keep any user logs, there is no trace of what you do behind a VPN.


  • Sign up a Trusted VPN Service. You can find the Top rated VPNs at the bottom.
  • Purchase a discounted subscription
  • Download the VPN application from the members control panel
  • Choose a country where you want to appear from and click connect
  • The VPN client will take few seconds to connect will then tell if you’re successfully connected, in which case you now have a new encrypted IP address!

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