GhostPath VPN

GhostPath VPN Review

GhostPath VPN Review


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GhostPath is a popular VPN service provider, if for no other reason that its name is interesting. When you consider that you’re looking for a VPN that allows you to browse the Internet like a ghost, what better service provider could you ask for?

In any case, there is more to this VPN client than a fancy name. Released in 2012, GhostPath quickly expanded throughout the US and beyond. The company is based in Georgia, and it has an intense following among people who want a secure Internet experience. Thanks to its legions of fans, the company has grown to be a major competitor on today’s market.

Pricing Plans

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to follow pricing plan, it doesn’t get much better than GhostPath. The company offers three distinct pricing plans. Each includes unlimited switching between servers and unlimited bandwidth. In essence, the company offers a single package, and three different ways to pay.

  • Weekly – $5 per week
  • Monthly – $15 per month
  • Quarterly – $12 per month

As you can clearly see, the longer you dedicate yourself to GhostPath, the less you will pay in the long run. This pricing plan is one of the easiest among today’s VPN service providers, and it is definitely something to take notice of. Even though there is no free trial offered by GhostPath, we believe that one week’s time, and $5 out of your wallet, is more than adequate when trying to determine if the service is the right one for you.

Customer Support

As you would expect from any premier VPN service provider, GhostPath offers excellent customer support. You can contact a representative via live chat, telephone, email, and a ticketing system. We would like to point out that telephone is not something readily offered by VPN providers, making GhostPath unique in that aspect.

Privacy and Security

In just over a year, GhostPath has placed servers in 31 countries. There are a total of 77 servers spread throughout the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, Iceland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Latvia, Chile, Russia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Panama, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Turkey.

The VPN service utilizes PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. Both are encrypted at the 128-bit level. If you are utilizing open source software, it is suggested that you connect via OpenVPN. The company does not keep logs of user activity, only connection logs. These logs are used internally to improve service.

The GhostPath Website

The GhostPath website is professionally designed and easy to use. Links are clearly displayed at the top of the page, and the color scheme is a pleasant one. Pricing plan, and any other information that you need to make your decision, is laid out in such a way that it is easy to find.

Signing Up

There is nothing difficult about signing up for GhostPath. We chose to sign up for the weekly plan offered by the service provider. After inputting a few pieces of information, we were able to download and install the software. If you can follow on-screen prompts, you can install GhostPath.

Once installed, we were immediately connected to the Internet through the VPN client. We performed a few speed tests on different servers to see if there was a major lag anywhere. When connected to a server in the US, we achieved 12.97 Mbps download speed. When connected to a server in the UK, we achieved 4.30 Mbps download speed. It should be noted that this variance in speed is typical of VPN service providers. The rate at which data is transferred is based upon your distance from the server and the current server load.

Supported Platforms

GhostPath is compatible with the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. You can utilize GhostPath on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices. Linux is also supported by the software.


What we like about GhostPath:

  • Fair pricing plans
  • Customer support can be contacted by telephone
  • Good speed results
  • Large number of servers in countries around the world
  • PPTP and OpenVPN both utlized

What we don’t like about GhostPath:

  • Not compatible with DDRWT
  • No ability to download bittorrent

There is very little that we do not like about GhostPath. If you are looking for a way to remain secure and anonymous on the Internet, this service provider is an excellent choice. We appreciate the fact that the company has grown so rapidly while maintaining a high level of quality service. GhostPath is definitely a VPN service to consider if you want a private browsing experience.

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