DNS against VPN service

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Today, we are going to speak of the intelligent DNS and the VPN, while comparing strengths and the weaknesses of each of them. When we began, the users of VPN expected VPN suppliers to reach the content abroad. The last year, the cover of BBC for the Olympic games of 2012 brought a lot of interest for the VPN. It also permitted to launch a new range of services DNS with companies as Overplay, ibVPNStrongVPN and Purevpn lauching the intelligent DNS services.

DNS against VPN service

The first time that we heard about intelligent DNS, it didn’t have any sense for us. Why turn toward a DNS service whereas a VPN allows to reach at the same moment the content of the United States and United Kingdom with the supplementary advantage of the ciphering, hiding your IP address and assuring the on line confidentiality through their network. After having tested the DNS intelligent of Overplay, we began to change opinion. Whereas we always privilege the VPN, there are some advantages to use the DNS if the crypting is the same for you.

Let’s glance at the advantages and the limits of every option:

The intelligent DNS 

The objective of the intelligent DNS is to help its members to reach the content of the other countries. The services as Netflixes, Hulu, HBO GO, Pandora and BBC restrict the access. You cannot look at BBC on line unless you live in the United Kingdom. We had a lot of fans of Olympics to ask last year for BBC, asserting that the VPN would be best. If the suppliers intelligent DNS had been at the height, they would have had more options among which to choose. The same thing is verified for Netflix and Hulu in the United States.

Firstly start with the advantages. The Intelligent DNS is easy to configure and to use. You don’t have need to install and not to execute any supplementary software. It is sufficient to modify your DNS parameters on those foreseen and to connect yourself. The Intelligent DNS is faster than many VPN services since you don’t make the crypting of the data. You can also use it on consoles of games, DVD network readers and the mobile devices that could not support the VPN otherwise without a personalized engine.

There are few disadvantages for the intelligent DNS. The first being the absence of ciphering. You don’t surf in private. The VPN will permit to insure your confidentiality, but the intelligent DNS won’t make it. Your IP address can also be observed after the initial connection when you use a DNS supplier. For these reasons, we prefer the VPN for the private access to the contents all over the world.

 The VPN services  

VPN means Virtual Private Network. With a VPN service, you can protect your on line confidentiality. Without appearing too technique, we are going to describe the process. You connect yourself to a supplier as IPVanish or Hide My Ass with the help of their client software. For the mobile devices, you can use an application or configure a connection by hand. With protocols as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP, you can connect to the VPN network and crypt all your data.

Confidentiality is not the only advantage of the VPN. The users can reach the servers through the world. According to the company that you choose, there is a variety of places. The connection to a server in the United States will allow you to reach the content like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. While the connection to a server in United Kingdom is going to change your IP address for the one of United Kingdom and to give you access to the content of the BBC, a good VPN will offer confidentiality and the content from all over the world.

As all things, the VPN is not perfected. If you want confidentiality then the VPN is the option to adopt. If you are at ease with a non secured access to services as Netflix, then the intelligent DNS presents some advantages. To begin, the ciphering puts a supplementary load on your system and can slow down the connection. The speed varies according to the supplier. We use IPVanish and we get big speeds, but we also tested the services that slow down considerably.


We are going to make simple. For more confidentiality and access to the content, we recommend you briskly the VPN. If the security doesn’t count for you, turn yourselves then toward the intelligent DNS. There are some VPN services as Overplay, ibVPN and HideIPVPN that make a hybrid offer of VPN and intelligent DNS. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest news, up to date stakes and of the offers on the intelligent DNS and the VPN.

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