Brief explanations on windows PPP SSH VPN and its advantages

Brief explanations on windows PPP SSH VPN and its advantages

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What Is Linux

Linux is an operating system created in a similar manner to UNIX. It is an open source operating system and it is available for free. The creator of this marvel was Linus Torvalds, a software engineer from Finland. His idea was to offer to the public an alternative to the operating systems that existed in the market.

Initially, the intention of Linux was to be used in personal computers. However, IT corporations such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM manifested such interest that they began using this operating system. As a consequence, many companies, like Red Hat, started to develop their own versions of Linux in order to satisfy determined market niches.

What Is PPP?

The Point to Point Protocol is a computer communications language used for establishing a direct connection between two computers. An excellent example is when a user connects to the internet through its telephone line. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use this communications protocol for establishing the link between the computer user and their servers.

What Is SSH?

A secure shell is a combination of software that permits a secure communication link between two computers. It includes a network protocol and a set of standards pre-determined by the creator of the SSH. Its origins remote to the mid-90’s, when a researcher of the Helsinki University of Technology, tired of hacking attacks, decided to create something that could give them an additional layer of security.

What Is A VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is a private communications channel that it’s installed over a public communications channel. The best example is the Internet, which is used by corporations through out the world. Since the internet is a very insecure medium, they create virtual private networks over it. That way, only authorized personnel can access the information that it’s being transmitted through it.

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