Best VPNs in South Korea

Best VPNs in South Korea

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South Korea has been categorised as deploying ‘pervasive’ internet security and censorship and as such users located in the country must consider utilising a VPN for safe conduct. Despite being a world leader in internet technologies and connectivity, South Korean residents are required by law to verify the content they publish by entering their citizen identity number revealing a government scheme to monitor and log all internet activity. The South Korean government is known to actively deploy IP and DNS filters though this ranges according to the subject matter: material implicating the government may be destroyed though it seems social media networks are widely uninhibited. The South Korean government will block and/or remove any website bearing North Korean sympathies and blocks many more that encourage open discussion. This scope for discussion has also affected YouTube, who have disabled their comment section in the country. Finally, South Korea exercises a ‘three strikes’ system for copyright material so selecting a VPN for anonymous browsing is essential. South Korea is host to several VPN providers and as such securing an encrypted network with preferential connectivity should be no problem, and its proximity to Hong Kong should enable secure browsing.

We have completed a number of tests that rate VPN providers on several criteria so we can cater our recommendations specifically for South Korean VPN users. For your ease of use, I have compiled the best VPNs for South Korean users in the table below. If you are interested in reading the reviews on each provider I highly recommend browsing the extensive review section.

The VPNs listed below are also recommended as good all rounders. None of the below do any deep logging of their users, so your activity is completely anonymous. They also turn a blind eye to file sharing and torrenting, so they are suitable for filesharing. Finally, they all offer multi platform, so they also suit mobile, tablet and desktop users.

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