Best VPNs for Egypt

Best VPNs for Egypt

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Egypt has a colourful relationship with internet censorship and privacy. In the run up to the 2011 revolution the internet was used as a tool to target suspected dissidents for arrest and the wider network was routinely monitored by government sources. Since then Egyptian citizens have attempted to secure their freedom of expression both on and offline, though the web must be considered compromised for users based within the country. Web users in Egypt should absolutely consider encrypting their communications with a secure VPN connection. Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook whilst accessible are undoubtedly continuously monitored. The prolonged nature of the Egyptian protest movements have provided their citizens with several alternative options for social media communication, such as the Speak to Twitter service, and the French Data Network which offered free internet access to citizens during times of unrest. Egypt does host some VPN providers, with servers located within the country offering encrypted solutions with enhanced speeds and connectivity. Users will also require a VPN to access geolocked internet streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and BBC IPlayer, as well as for maintaining their ongoing personal internet security if connecting to a public WiFi source.

We have completed a number of tests that rate VPN providers on several criteria so we can cater our recommendations specifically for Egyptian VPN users. For your ease of use, I have compiled the best VPNs for Egyptian users in the table below. If you are interested in reading the reviews on each provider I highly recommend browsing the extensive review section.

The VPNs listed below are also recommended as good all rounders. None of the below do any deep logging of their users, so your activity is completely anonymous. They also turn a blind eye to file sharing and torrenting, so they are suitable for filesharing. Finally, they all offer multi platform, so they also suit mobile, tablet and desktop users.

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