Advantages and disadvantages of Satellite VPN services

Advantages and disadvantages of Satellite VPN services

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  1. The VPN connection becomes portable.
    Because there are satellite systems can be installed in trucks and mobile homes, creating a VPN connection becomes very handy. There is no need to setup both Internet and VPN connection every time you have to move, travel, or change location, provided that you have all the software installed and the connection working.
  2. Total network control.
    With satellite connection, your VPN connection doesn’t need to pass through third party provider like your local telephone company or that of the cable companies. There’s only your satellite dish and your main Internet provider’s server to think about.


  1. Poor overall performance.
    If you are using VPN with satellite Internet, you will experience very poor performance quality. The speed of data transfer is notably similar to a dial-up connection. And if you intend to download enormous files from the corporate server, it could take hours before it completes. You might think you should be enjoying satellite broadband VPN speeds, but unfortunately, you are connecting a littler higher that 56kpbs only.
  2. Minimal technical support provided.
    Big corporation creates VPN out of their own requirements and specifications. This makes a VPN connection very hard to troubleshoot. And because a satellite Internet service can’t really guarantee workability between VPN software used and their network, less or no technical support is provided. This is mostly due to the lack of expertise and knowledge about the company’s individual network.
  3. The use of Internet connection sharing software could be a problem.
    This is true not only with satellite Internet VPN, but with other connections as well. Sometimes, the need to install Internet connection software is a requirement before a satellite connection run. Then again, Cable and DSL provider rarely need this software. So the problem seems to only exist in satellite Internet connection services.

While VPN set up with satellite Internet is possible, it is really not feasible. VPN technology implementation requires a connection a lot similar to cable and DSL in terms of latency and bandwidth. But for those people who don’t have much option in terms Internet service providers, using the two together should be worth it. Only, it requires professional setup and expert maintenance.


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